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Monetize retail media while remaining compliant with data clean rooms powered by confidential computing.


Retailers are collecting rich first-party data that brands such as FMCG seek to access to better understand their end customers and increase sales. However, enriching first-party data requires matching against sensitive PII data of partners, raising privacy and security concerns.

Decentriq’s data clean rooms help retailers and brands unlock new valuable insights and revenue with their first-party data.

How Retailers Use Data Clean Rooms

Confidential data monetization
Confidential activation

Activate custom audiences while guaranteeing user privacy by combining data across media owners to build lookalike target audiences.

Maximize the ROI of your paid media investments by matching your CRM with publisher data in data clean rooms. Guaranteed privacy and GDPR compliance.

How Brands Use Data Clean Rooms

Confidential customer insights
Confidential custom audience builder
High performance retail media campaigns

Enrich your understanding of customer profiles by safely and flexibly accessing retailers' consumer data to extract insights.

Improve marketing efforts and customer retention by confidentially matching first-party data with partner brands or retailers to build custom audiences for activation.

Run high performance campaign together with retailers by combining first-party data in a data clean room that enables retailers to activate precise audience and enables brands to calculate accurate attribution metrics post-campaign.

What consumer-centric companies say about Decentriq

"Decentriq enables a whole new perspective on how we can innovate with data that wasn't possible before."


Industry Resources

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What are data clean rooms?

You heard the term mutiple times already, but what exactly are data clean rooms? How do choose the right one for your organization?

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