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Drive more precise targeting and unlock new revenue streams by leveraging customer data previously inaccessible.


Effective marketing is defined by knowing your customer. However, customer data is often restricted in how it can be used, limiting how much brands can customize their targeting and message.

How Brands and Marketers Use Data Clean Rooms

Drive more effective targeting in retail media
Maximize the value of your brand partnerships
Drive more effective advertising with publishers

Grow your retail media revenue by easily and compliantly sharing consumer and audience data for insights and targeting with your brand partners in data clean rooms.

Maximize the effectiveness of your brand partnerships by easily sharing joint CRM data in data clean rooms with GDPR compliance guaranteed.

Maximize the ROI of your paid media investments by matching your CRM with publisher data in data clean rooms. Guaranteed privacy and GDPR compliance.

What marketing driven companies say about Decentriq

"Decentriq enables a whole new perspective on how we can innovate with data that wasn't possible before."


Industry Resources

How to securely maximize the value of your marketing and CRM data

Discover how you can maximise your CRM data and marketing effectiveness in a fully compliant and secure manner.

What are data clean rooms?

You heard the term mutiple times already, but what exactly are data clean rooms? How do choose the right one for your organization?

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