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Healthcare has data generated from care providers, clinical trials, research and more. However, much of this is confidential, making it difficult to utilize for better patient outcomes.

Decentriq helps you unlock and share these critical data assets with stakeholders through data clean rooms, completely within GDPR and other regulatory objectives.

How Healthcare & Life Sciences Organizations Use Data Clean Rooms

Confidential RWE Studies
Share Confidential Pharmacy Data

Securely share confidential data with hospitals to monitor and prove drug effectiveness, find new drug indications and more within your RWE teams.

Launch dedicated data clean rooms between hospitals and your firm while ensuring that no patient data can be accessed.

Share pharmaceutical data between multiple parties to better understand patient needs, market penetration, and sales trends.

Patient anonymity and confidentiality are preserved end-to-end.

Do you have another use case in mind? Our solution is easily scalable and adaptable. Reach out to us.

How Decentriq makes you future -proof. Today.

To understand how Decentriq's data clean rooms simplify data protection compliance for enterprises (GDPR), click here.

Frictionless & scalable workflow
Our easy-to-use and scalable platform enables you to collaborate with unlimited partners on first-party data within minutes.
Easily create your Data Clean Rooms via UI or API and invite external users with or without a license​. ​

Privacy & security guarantees​
We leverage the latest encryption in-use technology, called confidential computing.​​
This removes the need for trust as no one can see your data, not the other participants, Decentriq nor the cloud provider.​

Transparency & trust​
We successfully passed multiple security and compliance audits.​
Approved for use on customer banking data by financial services institutions, and for use on patient data by the Belgian Data Protection Agency and healthcare institutions.​

What healthcare organisations say about Decentriq

"LynxCare needs to have best-in-class privacy enhancing technologies, and that is why we are working with Decentriq.”


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Industry Resources

Case study: Lynxcare
Industry: Healthcare

LynxCare is partnering with Decentriq to incorporate a data security layer to their healthcare analytics platform so that any sensitive healthcare data across hospitals and research institutions are processed in a provably secure, anonymous and encrypted enclave.

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Presentation: LynxCare & Decentriq

Watch on-demand our presentation with LynxCare on unlocking sensitive healthcare data to drive real-world evidence collaborations between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

How Decentriq's data clean rooms simplify GDPR compliance for enterprises

Decentriq makes it even easier for your enterprise to comply with GDPR even while you collaborate on your most sensitive and restricted data.

What are data clean rooms?

You heard the term mutiple times already, but what exactly are data clean rooms? How do choose the right one for your organization?

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