Unlock the restricted data that you need to drive future proof banking.


There is an overabundance of data in banking. At the same time, most of it is restricted in how it can be accessed - whether due to cross-border regulations or the sensitive nature of the data.

Decentriq helps you unlock and share these critical data assets with stakeholders through data clean rooms, completely within GDPR and other regulatory objectives.

How Banks Use Data Clean Rooms

Confidential Address Verification
Collaborative AML & KYC
Cross-Border Analytics

Easily and confidentially verify updated customer addresses by connecting to official databases, such as your regional postal service.

Drive significant cost savings and environmental objectives by reducing the number of returned letters, bank cards, and marketing collateral that never reach your end customer.

Collaborate with other banking institutions to enhance KYC and AML operations.

Confidentially share historical data on incident reports, and identify corresponding patterns in other institutions to improve monitoring practices.

Combine data across different jurisdictions and entities for risk and compliance reporting, all within regulatory guardrails.

Participating entities can submit data through the clean room and run aggregated statistics while complying with the regulation.

What banks say about Decentriq

"Decentriq enables a whole new perspective on how we can innovate with data that wasn't possible before."


“Our partnership with Decentriq provides an innovative example of how businesses can better embed data protection into their application design and build cross-organizational data ecosystems."


"Decentriq’s confidential analytics platform offers the possibility to work together with other financial partners in a fast and easy way."

Credit Suisse

Industry Resources

Case study: Swisscom
Industry: Banking

Decentriq co-created with Swisscom a tool called Confidential Insights, which allows organizations to confidentially collaborate on data with their peers on surveys, industry benchmarking, and more.

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