Privacy enhancing computation is one of Gartner's top tech trends in 2021

May 30, 2021
The results are in - Gartner [] has announced their Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends of 2021 and privacy enhancing computation is on the list. Why does Gartner believe privacy enhancing computation matters? "This trend enables organizations to collaborate on research securely across regions and with competitors without sacrificing confidentiality. This approach is designed specifically for the increasing need to share data while maintaining privacy or security." In today's world where remote collaboration is the new normal, privacy enhancing computation matters more than ever to unlock all the potential from data. “Even for the most reluctant organizations, there are now techniques such as Confidential Computing that can address lingering concerns,” Gartner senior analyst Steve Riley said in the report. “You can stop worrying about whether you can trust your cloud provider.” This is the heart and mission of what we do at decentriq. Read more about the Gartner report here [] .