Decentriq presented at #2 Gaia-X Hackathon

December 3, 2021
We were at the first day of the #2 Gaia-X [] Hackathon, which had confidential computing as one of its core tracks. As part of the confidential computing track, there were several presentations about the technical aspects of confidential computing presented by Intel [] and especially Dr. Markus Leberecht, as well as Patrick Masse from AMD []. Our Product Lead Nikolas Molyndris presented Decentriq's data clean room [] product and how it leverages confidential computing in real-world scenarios that could plug in with Gaia-X's principles and architecture. This was part of the various vendor presentations and open-source efforts introduced by the Confidential Computing Consortium []. It was great to see more than 30 people active in the Gaia-X project tuned in to learn more about confidential computing and how Gaia-X could leverage the technology.