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Blockchain Benchmarks

Real-time investable indices .

Asset Management

Technology focused asset management.

Tailored Brokerage

Secure purchase and sale of crypto assets.

Blockchain Benchmarks

We designed a Crypto Asset Index to represent the blockchain assets market while addressing regulatory and compliance concerns in close cooperation with Limeyard.

  • Limeyard Crypto Asset Index (LYCAI) -  ISIN: CH0418626138

  • Distribution via Vienna Stock Exchange (Austria) / Wiener Börse (Österreich)

  • Bloomberg ticker: LYCAI2UP Index

  • The Index is calculated both in USD and in BTC

Asset Management

Our liquid product allows direct participation in blockchain technologies, which can be added to one’s investment portfolio while staying with your compliant banking partner.

Actual tokens as the underlyings guarantee an early stage and direct participation in the emerging asset class of blockchain assets.

Internal research expertise with profound technical and quantitative backgrounds and a unique academic network with leading academic institutions such as ETH Zurich.

  • Exchange-listed product at Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Germany) / Börse Frankfurt (Deutschland)

  • Active selection of most promising technologies and applications

  • Liquid in- and outflow for investors

Tailored Brokerage

Secure purchase and sale of crypto assets. As a VQF-member (, we built a state-of-the-art compliant gateway to a broad range of crypto assets.

Experienced traders in the cryptocurrency trading business will be glad to walk you through the trading process and assist you with any arising questions.

  • International fast settlements in EUR and CHF

  • Fast onboarding and trade execution

  • Established bank, exchange & OTC network

  • Ability to trade BTC, ETH, and various other crypto assets

  • Limited counterparty risk

  • AML regulated financial intermediary

Our Team

Discovering the undiscovered, building the unbuilt and connecting the unconnected requires a diverse team. Variety in terms of backgrounds, expertise and interests working on one goal.

Maximilian Groth

Maximilian started his career at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Glencore. He then worked for a data analytics company, where he was in charge of Business Development.  
He is the president of the University of St. Gallen Almuni Blockchain Association, where he graduated with a M.A. in Accounting & Finance.

Alexander Katz

Alexander is an experienced Portfolio Manager with extensive knowledge in quantitative modelling as well as trading cryptographic assets. Besides working at financial institutions like Bank Sarasin  he also built his own start up previously. Alexander holds a M.A. in Quantitative Finance from the University of St. Gallen.

Stefan Deml

Stefan is an experienced computer scientist specializing in distributed ledger and founded several startups.
Stefan has many years of experience leading software development teams and holds an Engineering MSc from ETH Zurich.


About Us

With superior technological understanding and unparalleled practical competence, Decentriq is at the centre of traditional finance and distributed ledger technologies, enabling compliant products to shape the future of finance.

Decentriq fundamentally believes in the impact of distributed ledger technologies. It is the next evolutionary stage of today’s internet infrastructure and has the potential to disrupt and improve a wide range of areas. To unlock this potential, traditional centralised and emerging decentralised players have to cooperate.

Decentriq facilitates this dialogue with its market fluency and expertise in digital assets expertise. Merging the best of established financial service providers and distributed applications is its core focus. From traditional Swiss private banks to progressive financial benchmark providers, from traditional commodity assets to highly scalable blockchain payment solutions, Decentriq builds bridges.

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